Lena Foster: Program Consultant

The foundation of GRI’s values lie within investing in people. This manifests as not just hiring people for what they have achieved, but also hiring people for everything we see that they can achieve with a supportive company environment. This also means hiring people who are able to see that future success within themselves. An individual within our company that embodies this value is Lena Foster, one of our many adaptive and passionate program consultants. 

Since she was 17 years old, Lena Foster grasped that the best way to see what the world has to offer is to jump head first into whatever is in front of you. This meant taking whatever job she could find initially, but slowly over time making more connections, gaining transferable skills, and moving her way up through a multitude of companies. Foster started as a dental receptionist, moved to a staffing agency, then medical billing, then a physical therapist reception job, to eventually landing here at GRI, in an industry she did not even know existed when she first started her career journey. All of these positions shared in common Lena’s love of human connection and problem solving. 

However, being open to the opportunities around you isn’t something we need to reserve for our day jobs. Outside of GRI, Foster is a hobby farmer raising a previously at-risk of extinction species of chicken, amongst other kinds of animals. This hobby was born of her desire to find something she was good at and enjoyed, leading her to try a little bit of everything. For Foster, holding up a live honeycomb for the first time did not strike fear, but rather sang of the exciting opportunity to interact with the world around her in a new way. At no point did Foster let herself be defined by her lack of experience, but rather she decided to jump into an activity she loved and learned along the way. This mindset served her greatly in both her hobbies and career.

Today, Lena Foster looks forward to the possibility of using her farm to educate children about the importance of taking care of our environment. She simultaneously dreams of taking her career within GRI as far as it can possibly go for herself, as her management team supports her constant acquisition of new skills. Neither of these things could have been guessed by Foster 10 years ago - but were simply born of an extremely open mindset. Lena Foster started with a simple goal of connecting with people and refining those communication skills in a way that took her to new heights. She serves as a reminder that no matter what goal you may have, you have to start somewhere and be open to the journey. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was GRI. This is just the start for Lena and us all.

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