Chris Benson, Vice President of Professional Services

Independent thinking is so often characterized by those who build and design great things - whether it be the first skyscraper or the Golden Gate bridge. We look to these structures and the people behind them because they are not just grand objects, but they also carry with them the essence of a long-lasting history of development that has carried them into today. While some independent thinkers build physical objects, the independent thinkers at GRI are building teams and systems that are equally long lasting and unique. One person helping to do just that is our very own VP of Professional Services, Chris Benson. 

Since the moment he graduated college, Benson has worked in staffing in some way, shape, or form. This has given him an extensive amount of knowledge about the industry, which he has used to build and develop teams at a number of different companies. Within his career he has both helped to build large global programs from scratch as well as lead the re-architecture of already developed systems. His design vision is centered around what will ensure success for a company not just today, but also 5 and 10 years from now. This means pushing the status quo, and quite often being disruptive to industry norms; always asking - ‘is there a better way?’.

While success can be defined by knowing when it's time to change and adapt, it’s also about knowing exactly who you are. As Chris will so astutely tell you, “Be who you are, not who you think you need to be”. Whether it is in work or beyond, authenticity is the only way to build long-standing and successful relationships - and relationships drive business. Throughout his career he met many people that shared these ideals, and many of those people just so happened to be the people who started GRI. It was the shared vision of authentic relationship-building and taking risks in development that drew Benson towards joining the GRI team himself.

Even after 18 years in the industry, Benson continues to look toward the constant betterment and adaptation of MSPs through expanding capabilities with the use of technology. While his career has seen much success, it's the energy of constant adaptation that keeps the wheel turning for him and for GRI as a whole. His energy is kept by his two kids reminding him everyday to enter the world with optimism and curiosity. 

Beyond his hobbies of cooking, traveling, and golfing, Chris Benson is helping build GRI into an industry-leading and adaptive company with strong values. The long time North Carolina resident is a self-affirmed “builder at heart”, and is certainly leaving his legacy as an independent thinker here at GRI.

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